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Career Development

Career development is the proactive planning and implementation of action steps towards your career goals. It is the process through which a work identity is formed and generally spans an entire lifetime. Career development begins with the earliest awareness of the ways in which people make a living, continues as he or she explores occupations and ultimately decides what career to pursue, prepares for it, applies for and gets a job and advances in it. It may, and probably will include, changing careers and jobs.

The quality of one's career development process significantly determines the nature and quality of their lives: the kind of people they become, the sense of purpose they have, the income at their disposal. It also determines the social and economic contribution they make to the communities and societies of which they are part.

The courses offered in Career Development will cover basic skills that will help students develop personal mastery and create a professional image.

Courses in Career Development

Please note - all courseware is provided in electronic format

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